Think SportsKRAP is monolithic? You be Wrong. We have multiple channels for your Sports pleasure.

KRAP1  is our over-the-air broadcast channel. You can listen to CBS Sports Radio, or local reports, or local play-by-play broadcasts or whatever is on our main broadcast channel 24-7.   You can access KRAP1 directly by going to

KRAP2 is our second audio streaming channel.   It’s available directly at

KRAP3 is our is UStream video streaming channel.   You can access KRAP3 by going to

KRAP4 is our second video streaming channel.   This will be coming soon.  When it’s up and running you’ll be able to access it from

KRAP5 is our Audio Archive Channel on SoundCloud.   If we’ve recording a game, interview or late night poker game at Uncle Vinny’s house you’ll find it here on our SoundCloud Channel.  Direct access to this channel is through

KRAP 6 is our “What’s Happening Now” Channel.   Every post about every sport is listed on this page in descending chronological order.   Go directly to KRAP6 by using the link

KRAP7  is our High School Channel.   If we cover a high school sport you’ll find it on here.   No matter what the high school or the high school sport,  if we cover it the post will be listed here in chronological order.    Go to this channel by going to

KRAP8 is our special dodgeball channel.   Also know as “The Ocho” this channel is dedicated to one of the most under- appreciated and controversial sports on the planet earth.   Banned from most grade schools, middle schools and high schools, KRAP8 is dedicated to local, regional national and international dodgeball action.   If there’s a chance of getting hit in the groin with a playground ball you’ll know about it on “The Ocho”.  Go Directly to KRAP8 by clicking here.